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In past years, the glass coffee table is a luxury piece of furniture that only the rich can afford due to the length of time that is spent in making this table. As the technology of furniture and glass making evolved the cost of making a single glass coffee table went down such that these days ordinary individuals can afford this type of table.

Not only can you find this type of glass coffee table furniture in homes, you can see this everywhere, in hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. A glass coffee table comes in two kinds: a table in which the top is cut glass and the one in which the entire table is made of glass.

Further, this type of table will come in a variety of shapes such as round, square, rectangle, oval, and even shapes that you can’t define because they are eclectic models.

The choice is up to the one who will use this table whatever kind of shape and size he or she wants his or her table to be.

Many urban dwellers will love this type of table because of the fact that they are easily cleaned with washcloth dipped in ordinary soap and water plus they are perfect for small spaces of your apartment as glass creates the illusion of making a small space larger than it is in reality. Another advantage of this type of table is that it can blend with any type of decoration or home accent because glass can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tips For Acquiring a Glass Coffee Table

  1. When you want to acquire this type of table you should take the following into consideration:
  2. If you live with young children you opt for a glass table that has a wooden frame to secure the table.
  3. If you live with a senior citizen who has problems with depth perception, you should see to it that the carpet underneath has a contrasting color so that your senior will not suffer spatial confusion.
  4. Choosing a frame: metal, wood, or aluminum is up to you since this is a matter of personal taste.
  5. Always go with your budget. Therefore before you reach for your wallet, you should have an idea as to what design, size, and type of frame your table has.
  6. To get an idea, you can scout local furniture stores and shops or you can make this easier by surfing the Internet for online catalogs, ordering online then wait for your purchase to arrive at your doorstep.
  7. Since glass is see-through you should take into account the style and the look of the carpet underneath so that you don’t go against the theme of the interior décor.
  8. Though there are still furniture makers that use ordinary glass but always go for tempered or treated glass as replacement for those table top glass because they are difficult to break. When they do break they will crumble into round pebble-looking bits and pieces that have smooth edges.

How to Replace the top of a Glass Coffee Table

Because a glass coffee table can be very vulnerable it is important to know how to replace the surface or top.

As mentioned before opt for tempered glass for its durability. You can also buy Plexiglas as an alternative however be prepared to notice that this type glass will cloud over time.

Decide on the tint: gray, bronze, and more. You must also decide on the edge beforehand: smooth, beveled, waved, and pencil.

With the physical qualities mentioned above for your intended glass coffee table top, think of your budget and go with this amount strictly. Remember that what ever final design you choose affects the price that you will put up to pay for the table.

Trace the actual shape of the table top frame which houses the glass on a tracing paper.
Lastly contact a glass company who will do the cutting of the glass coffee table top replacement for you and give them the dimensions and the traced sized.




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