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The wooden coffee table is one of the most versatile of all style coffee tables.  It is manufactured from many different wood types and blends well in almost all environments.

When you entertain family and/or guests, the living room becomes a place where people gather and with a wooden coffee table you’ll find yourselves gathered around this piece of furniture.  

There are many styles, designs, sizes, and materials to choose from when it comes to a coffee table but the wooden coffee table is quite often the first choice by many individuals and interior decorators. 

When it comes to coffee table furniture made from wood there is also an array of choices that one can find. There are tables with simple minimalist designs and there are those that have ornate carvings in wood materials such as oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, pine, and even driftwood.

Whatever your personal choice there is no doubt a wooden coffee table that will fit your needs when it comes to enhancing the interior of a home. Style is not the only thing that this type of table lends to your living room atmosphere; this table is also a practical choice because these days coffee tables are also designed as functional pieces of furniture. 

Coffee tables made from wood that have compartments where you can hide away items that usually clutter the living room such as the remote control, keys, reading materials, board games, and yes even those little coasters can be very helpful in a home.  

There are wood tables too that nest together when not in use, a practical choice for the smart buyer who wants to have extra tables.

These can be used when there are guests or as a place to put personal memorabilia such as pictures, trinkets, small souvenirs from travels, and other such small items that can be displayed.

When it comes to the material used in constructing wood type coffee tables, oak is the most popular choice due to its durability and strength.


When it comes to shape, the most popular are rectangular shapes in various sizes but there are round, square, and free form shapes available as well.


However strong it may be, there is still a need to properly care for this type of table if you want the finish and the wood to last a long time. To properly care for you wooden coffee table here are a few tips. 


How to Care for a Wooden Coffee Table 


When the table gets wet you should wipe it with a dry cloth immediately to avoid those unsightly glass bottom stains.


You can protect that great finish from scratches and stains by placing tempered glass in matching shape on top of the table.


Never let water come into contact with the wood surface and you can do this by using coasters and placemats.


Refinish your table regularly to maintain that look or to remove those water stains and dents on the table surface. This is something that you can learn to do yourself or hire a professional to take o the task.

Buying Tips for a Wooden Coffee Table

Before you make a choice the table you’d like to buy based style, color, or combination of materials used you should be aware of the following:


Size matters when it comes to tables as it can make or unmake the overall theme of your living room or the place where you’re going to put a coffee table. When it comes to height you will want a table that doesn’t dwarf or be swallowed up by all the other furniture, therefore choose one which is about the same height as your sofa to create that unified look.

If you’re buying rectangular tables, choose one that is less than the length of your couch preferably half the length. If your area is smaller you can opt instead for round or oval tables because they are easy to go around, as there are no sharp corners or edges to avoid bumping into.


Whatever shape, style, size, material you choose see to it that there is ample room usually about 2 to 3 feet in between the couch and the wooden coffee table so that you can move around without feeling crammed into a smaller space. Lastly, let your creativity flow when it comes to choosing the best table along with your budget and you will find the perfect piece for your living room. 




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