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A square coffee table comes as no surprise because this shape has always been one of the basic designs of a table since man invented furniture.

If you’re in the market for a square coffee table to fill that empty space in your living room here are some interesting facts that will help you before you venture out and buy one.

Though this shape of a table is perfect shape for most homes, you shouldn’t just buy a table based solely on the thought that it will fit that certain space you’d like filled.  You want to make sure with this piece of coffee table furniture in place there will still be ample still leg room to manuever.

Many individuals have made grave mistakes when it comes to their coffee tables because the vfurniture was either too big, too small, or that the design and the material did not go well with the style or theme of the home’s interior.

You should consider the overall theme of your room so that your square coffee table doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb but rather complement all the other furniture in the room creating a cohesive whole. When you successfully do such, your table becomes an effective conversation starter in those times you’d like to entertain at home.

For instance, if your home is of an Asian style then a square table will not fit into the theme or if your home has a Nautical theme then a coffee table that has an Asian design will not look good in it. In the same manner a glass table will not be nice to look at if it stands among ornate furniture or metal furniture against an all-wood theme.

When it comes to pricing, square coffee tables can either come cheap or expensive because they are priced not based on the shape but based on the material with which they were manufactured. For instance, marble coffee tables are more expensive than wood.

Another factor that affect pricing is how the finished product looks like. For instance ordinary wood design will be much cheaper than those wood coffee tables with ornate carvings or those coffee tables with other extra features such as a lift top design or extra storage spaces built into the table.

If you’re the type of individual who is planning to move in the near future, you might want to buy a square coffee table that you can easily transport if you plan on bringing the table with you but don’t want to spend that much on moving vans. Marble is a heavy type of table so is metal and those antique solid wood coffee tables but if they’re smaller then perhaps they can easily be transported.

The next thing to consider is the maintenance of your precious square-shaped coffee table. If you’re planning on getting a wood table, you must have them refinished regularly to keep them from being scratched and stained; if you plan on getting a marble topped coffee table you should use gentle cleansers not furniture cleaners because they will create scratches on the marble surface. You can also cover both table types with a thick glass top to keep stains and scratches at bay.

If you want to own a square-shaped coffee table and want to get the best on your purchase opt for a table not only based on design but also on functionality. Wouldn’t it be better if you have a coffee table that you not only can use to place your food or drinks but also to store miscellaneous items such as the TV remote or your house keys?

In acquiring your own square coffee table, you have two places where you can order such. You can either go to different furniture shops in your area make a list and do comparisons or to make it easier you can surf the Internet for online shops.  Many shops on the Internet offer free shipping so that makes getting the piece to your home simple.




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