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Here you will find help if you are looking for a retro coffee table.  This type of coffee table can be hard to find but we will point you in the right direction with suppliers that have great selections for the retro coffee table.

The 1950’s up to the 1970’s saw a great revolution in the design of furniture.  Today designers are remembering the form, style and functionality of those older designs and bringing back furniture like the retro coffee table.  This is much to the appreciation of the older generation that lived during the time these designs were so popular.

Even the younger generation is discovering how great the designs were in that mid century which is why many seek either an authentic or a period inspired retro coffee table that they can proudly display in their homes.

Retro means reviving the old fashion into modern day designs which is enjoying a surge in today’s period pieces because their beauty lies in the beautiful and modern designs that had style as well as functionality built into the coffee table. The materials used in that 30 year period were an assortment of all wood finish, a combination of glass table top on a wood or metal base.

The 1950’s was the start when people began to appreciate modern furniture which they called contemporary furniture. The signature look of many tables at the time including the coffee table were elegant and modern looking with legs that seemed to float on the floor on slender legs.

It was in the early 50’s that project G-Plan was introduced to the public and became the trendsetter for many years when it came to interior decorating. The core idea of G-Plan was to create a limited range in many furniture items such as the retro coffee table that clients can mix and match or collect furniture until they were able to build around a central interior decorating theme.

This idea became so successful that until now many can still remember this as a revolutionary idea because many individuals were able to buy bit and pieces of furniture whereas before they had to buy expensive suits for the living room, the dining room, the hallway, etc. The idea of mixing and matching is actually used today and does not seem as novel as it was before.

In the late 1950’s up to the early 1960’s the lighter wood that was used was replaced with the tola which is a darker shade of wood from Africa. It was also in the early 1960’s where a diversity of styles came that evidently had Scandinavian influence. In fact the Scandinavian teak and rosewood was the standard that many US and UK designers followed and imitated.

In the 1970’s teak was still used and in keeping with the style of the era coffee tables and other furniture still had the characteristic look which is long and low as influenced by Scandinavian style. Today, there are a growing number of individuals who are looking at enhancing the beauty of their homes by buying an interesting retro coffee table to decorate their living room.

To be able to pull this off try surfing the Internet for the following search terms G-Plan, Victorian, Herman Miller, and Noguchi for a look see of the tables they had designed. Many coffee tables from that era are sold in antique stores and online stores but if you want to buy furniture that is less expensive you can go for period inspired furniture rather than antiques.

There are two types of Retro Coffee Table:

• Pure Retro is a version of coffee table furniture where the original finish is maintained for authenticity.

• Contemporary or Modern Retro which is a mix of old and new design ideas to give the retro coffee table furniture a modern look.




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