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Noguchi Coffee Table 

The Noguchi Coffee Table is one of the most popular coffee table designs ever conceived.

Inspired by the Japanese American artist, Isamu Noguchi, the Noguchi Coffee Table blends sculpture and art with functionality.

Combining seemingly opposites of wood as the base and glass as the top, a Noguchi Coffee Table can be enjoyed as much for art as it will be as a utilitarian table.

When one looks at a coffee table by Noguchi the question will arise: is it a table or is it a sculpted piece of art?


The answer is: it is really both. When you look at these coffee tables you will quickly see they are the very embodiment of a balance between art and sculpture.

Noguchi Coffee Table History

It was in 1939 that Noguchi designed his first table. The work was commissioned by A. Conger Goodyear, who was at that time president of the Museum of Modern Art, and wanted the table for his new home. The following year, he made a coffee table for Robsjohn Gibbings, a British-born architect and furniture designer. This piece was a smaller slightly different version of the Goodyear table.

In 1944. he was tasked to illustrate George Nelson’s article “How to Make a Table” which he promptly did by modifying the Gibbing’s table. This modification is what we now know as the Noguchi coffee table.

Since 1947 the Herman Miller Furniture Company has exclusively manufactured this table design where George Nelson became the department of design director. From the time it was first introduced up to now, this table design has never lost it’s appeal to artists, interior decorators, and ordinary furniture owners due to its minimalist and modern feel.

Isamu Noguchi realized the value and became the master of maximizing the utilization of space in his designs. According to the artist himself, the success of this coffee table design is where he truly succeeded in the field of designing furniture for industrial use.

What to Look for in Buying a Noguchi Coffee Table

Here are the key points that you should look for in the coffee table designed by Noguchi.

  • This coffee table features a marriage of glass and wood. The tabletop is made from free form shaped glass and the base is a thick solid wood at right angles to each other. It may look fragile, but it is actually quite durable.
  • The Herman Miller Furniture Company exclusively manufactures this coffee table with a variety of price points.
  • To determine if it’s authentic Noguchi coffee table, look for the artist’s signature on the glass top and at the base. The artist too has rare pieces coffee table that he himself made and if you’re being sold one, look for his signature which he signs using black permanent marker.
  • The wood base is made from Walnut or Cherry types of wood and the glass top will have a thickness of exactly ¾ inch. Further, the true table has the exact measurements of 15.75 inches in height, 50 inches in length, and 36 inches in width. Any variance will not be an exact replica.

The Noguchi coffee table was fashioned in the mid-century therefore they are perfect for homes built around that period or later but contain modern and/or abstract elements of design. Often paired with contemporary decor, this version of coffee table furniture will serve as an excellent compliment to any living room in a home or commercial setting.




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