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Nest of Tables

If you are looking for coffee table furniture and space is a real challenge then the design concept nest of tables may be just what you need.

When you are looking at maximizing the space in your house or if your house has small spaces the nest of tables is the answer to this dilemma.

The reason why the nest of tables is a very popular choice when it comes to decorating or acquiring furniture for your house is because they are more than just a coffee table they are functional pieces of furniture as well and take up very little room.

A nest of tables is mostly sold in groups of anywhere from 2 to 5—most often as 3. Each table in this set is slightly smaller than the other such that they “nest” together when they’re not in use. This is a valuable aspect to interior design, using furniture as a means of giving the illusion of more space which means that the table does not take up too much space and therefore can fit any room size.

This type of table was hugely popular in the 1970’s to the late 80’s but when the 90’s came in they were regarded as old fashioned and thus fell out of favor altogether. However when the new millennium came in, this regard for this table design changed when the emphasis in designing interiors is maximizing on spaces and when furniture makers started to experiment with new designs using non traditional materials.

Aside from being able to maximize space, one of the ways that this type of table will be of help to you is when you’re entertaining at home and you need extra tables for your beverage and food. If you want to buy these tables but can’t figure out how to showcase or use them here are a few ideas for you.

Helpful Tips for Nest of Tables

The first tip is to display these tables stacked together if you have really tight spaces or if you’re just going to use your tables when you need them the most. The plus factor is that depending on the need, you can choose to bring out all or just one of the tables.

The second idea for you to showcase this type of coffee table is to artistically display them in cascading manner where each table is pulled out slightly in such a way that they resemble a staircase. To make this more interesting you can place a lamp on top of the largest table and decorate the rest with family photos or trinkets.

You can display them in a group in such a way that the larger tables are in the back and the smaller ones are in front and just like the second idea, you can display flowers, a plant, trinkets, memorabilia, and other small decorative items to add pizzazz to the nest of tables. This is using the coffee table for other purposes other than food and beverage additionally these tables can be used individually as side tables or end tables as well.

Nesting tables come in a variety of materials such as wood, metal, and glass and the finish can be black, white, and chrome or the table can have ornate carvings. It’s important that in the choice of material and finish, you know how to properly take care of your tables so that they’ll be free from stain, scratches, and any type of damage that destroys the beauty of your furniture.

You can use small sized nested tables to display miscellaneous stuff when bigger and bulkier furniture will not work on areas in your home that seems boring but somewhat narrow such as your hallway.

Is your child away for college education? Then this type of furniture will be a great gift for the kid who lives in dorm rooms again because it doesn’t occupy much space.

Another way to use this type of table design is when you’d like to hold mini game tournaments such as chess, scrabble, or even Soduku when you’re with family or friends as a form of entertainment.

With those ideas presented, truly the nest of tables is a practical choice when it comes to coffee table furniture.




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