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Mission Coffee Table

The mission coffee table is a very popular style of coffee table furniture.

Information will be presented here that will help you make a good buyoing decision if you are going to purchase a mission coffee table.

The mission coffee table rose in popularity due to the arts and crafts in the late 1800 up to the early part of the 1900s.

You can tell that a coffee table is done in the mission style by the type of wood used, the table’s design, and more importantly the straight-line construction that is prevalent in each piece.

In the mission style dark oak is often used to construct tables in a clean lined rectangular design that has two tiers that are joined at the sides with vertical dowels.

All in all the mission coffee table’s design reinforces or ground’s your living room’s theme thus making this place more interesting. It is a wonderful piece of furniture which can fit a modern or contemporary living room theme.

There are two type of coffee table furniture designed in the mission style: open tables with clean line slats which you can see on the sides of the table and those that are closed tables that have shelves or cabinets built into them.

The choice of which of the two is up to the user whether he or she just wants a pure coffee table or a table with form and function rolled into one.

However, the idea is that the open table with slats is easier to match with the contemporary designs of today. The second type of mission style table is less popular because they have a rugged look which produces a bold statement.

There is no rule however with mixing and matching therefore the user is encouraged combining both types of coffee table with a mission style design.

For instance one can use a the first type of design as the main coffee table while the second design can be used as a side table where you can place miscellaneous living room things or reading materials hidden to tidy up your space.

The mission coffee table comes in a variety of shapes that serve to make a room unique or enhance its beauty and the second most common shape for mission style tables is the rectangular shape because its proportion balances any sofa very well.

Many individuals tend to be drawn towards the round coffee table particularly those that have children because there are no sharp corners to watch out for.

You can also find mission nesting coffee tables which is a good choice for those who live in a home that has limited space. Nesting tables is a group of tables that are created in a descending size that can be tucked into each other when not in use.

Nesting coffee tables are good for those occasions when you’re entertaining and you need extra tables where you can place food and beverage or place board games such as chess. They can also be used to showcase your family photos, trinkets, and little miscellaneous décor.

In order for a coffee table to be faithful to the mission style, tones are as important as the straight-line characteristic. Wood tones such as light wood, cherry, walnut, and mahogany are the most popular finish for a mission coffee table. If you want a more modern look you can also opt for the dark tones that ebony and espresso give.




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