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Marble Coffee Table 

The marble coffee table has wide appeal and you will learn about this type of coffee table here.

As well, you will learn of suppliers that offer a wide variety of coffee tables made of marble at great prices.

With it’s earthy and timeless look, the marble coffee table is durable, functional and blends well in just about every type of environment.

It is interesting, however, because when marble is mentioned most people immediately associate it with floors, walls, statues, and other architectural works. But marble is a very attractive surface for placing on a coffee table also.

It was in the mid to late 1800s that the marble coffee table founds its beginnings and became the vogue of the era. If you are lucky enough to find a genuine marble coffee table from around that period, you are looking at an antique that will cost you several thousand dollars (US).

However there are less expensive tables of this material that are available and are of more current make. They are manufactured with the latest techniques in furniture design allowing the table to be lighter but still retaining the quality, beauty and durability of an original classic piece.

Many furniture designers for the coffee table of marble will use traditional tabletop shapes in circles, rectangles, or squares though there are quite a number of designers who fashion free form shapes as well for a more contemporary look.

Tips on How to Buy a Marble Coffee Table Right

See to it that the legs of the table are very strong and durable to support the combined weight of the marble tabletop and the weight of whatever items you will put on top of the coffee table.

Depending on the shape of the table you’re planning to buy, make sure it will fit in the intended area of your home. Some will even have a space for storage if that is desired.

Regarding the legs, you should opt for legs that go well with the existing theme of your living room or the room where you’ll be placing the coffee table. For example, if you have traditional décor in your house you can opt for wooden legs that have wonderful carvings and if your home is of the modern design, metal is more appropriate.

Again when you choose a marble topped coffee table, consider the space you have so that you will be able to buy the correct shape and size which will not give your home a crowded look. A tip is that if you have narrow spaces the square or oval coffee tables will reduce the elongated space.

How to Maintain a Marble Coffee Table

If you want to maintain the quality and the finish of your marble tabletop and ensure long life, here are tips for cleaning and usage:

Use a cloth dampened with stone cleaners to clean the table; there are many spray-on cleaners and marble cleaning wipes out there which are affordable.

An alternative would be to use mild soap in water. Never use furniture cleaner because more often the chemical content in it will do damage to the delicate finish of your marble tabletop.

Since many activities revolve around the coffee table, reseal your table once each year to keep stains and scratches at bay and to maintain its glossy finish.

Later, you may want to sell your marble table and you will not be able to get as good a price if there are scratches or stains on the surface. A good alternative to the above is to put the same shape glass on top of your table to keep this from happening.

A marble coffee table is a great addition to your living spaces and a great conversation piece too. However, this is a stone slab this will be heavy, but not as heavy as those original antique coffee table designs. When you decide to move or want to simply rearrange the furniture, keep in mind it will be a challenge. But for many, the beauty of this version of this type of coffee table furniture is more than worth it.




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