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Lift Top Coffee Tables

You have come to the right place if you are looking for lift top coffee tables.

You will find a variety of styles in lift top coffee tables here including helpful buying information.

Lift top coffee tables are an innovation to the age old coffee table that has been an integral part of many homes.

They are generally very unique and contemporary in their design and function.

The history of the lift top coffee table can be traced back to the days when families and friends gathered around the TV while having their dinner.

These tables are designed with the table top that can be detached and then elevated or lowered depending on the need of the user. With the default height these tables serve their primary purpose, being a coffee table but when the top is elevated they can be used as regular tables where you can eat dinner without hunching your back, study comfortably, work on your laptop without sitting on the floor, play board games with the kids, or even iron your clothes if you have no ironing board.

Choosing the perfect lift top coffee tables that fit with the existing theme of your home is a task that takes a lot of time therefore you should think carefully before deciding on a particular table. The would-be buyer is advised to start with the identifying the purpose of wanting to have this type of coffee table furniture first. That will help to determine the best size, color, style, and design.

If the purpose is to serve guests then a large sized table is more appropriate and the plus factor is you can adjust the table top to an appropriate height so that you will not slouch while eating. An example is when you want to have friends come over to watch the NFL championships together.

Working on your laptop, doing some homework, and studying are things that can easily be done when you own a desk but this is simply not practical in a small apartment. Having a coffee table that has a top that can be lifted will help you achieve this purpose, plus it help you concentrate because your mind is tricked that you’re working in another place.

If you have kids, you can use this table as their play table where you can place their toys, puzzle games, or board games you can then bond with them in another place other than their room to break the monotony.

Do you want furniture that can be used as a comfortable dinner table and as a storage space at the same time?

Lift top coffee tables are the best furniture for this purpose because the underside of the table top can be used to place blankets, magazines, books, DVD collection, music collection, and other things that are commonly seen in the living room which you’d like to keep hidden.

Just like all other tables lift top coffee tables can have simple to complex designs inspired by the notable eras of furniture making such as 18th century Victorian period and the furniture revolution that marked the years 1950 to 1970. For this type of table, you can find designs in a variety of colors that use tops made from glass, wood, plastic, marble, metal, and many more, an evidence of its versatility.




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