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Display Coffee Table 

The display coffee table is more that just a coffee table with an attractive surface.

It is designed in such a way that it allows for the display of any variety of items to be stored and viewed through a glass top surface.

This type of a coffee table has become very popular in that it serves a dual role.

Coffee tables which have become necessary items in our living rooms are are now serving more than one purpose, as evidenced in this type of a coffee table.

The display coffee table allows one to have a functional piece of furnitire and showcase items that reveal your own unique personality.

The coffee table furniture of years past are just what they are, tables that are used to hold beverage, books, and magazines. These days they are more than that, for example the display coffee table is the table you need when you want to show off collector’s items, memorabilia, photos, your own small painting, and a whole lot more. Using such tables as part of your living room design theme makes for a truly unique look and feel.

When you use this type of table to display your valuable collections, you can do it by theme or you can display stuff by itself. An example is you can use this to display your personal (or otherwise) war memorabilia or you can use such a table to display your figurine collection that have a common theme or that rare antique statuette of your favourite sport, golf.

You can use a two-tiered cocktail table with a lower deck that’s tall enough so that you can display that antique vase or statuette and then you can use the top to display other items along that coordinates with that vase or statue.

The most common materials used for this table are wood, glass, and metal or a combination of any two or all three however these things come in many designs and sizes. The simple wood and glass designs, wood only designs that feature simple to intricate wood carvings, and wood base with glass tops with a housing for your collections are just some of the many designs that you can find out there.

Here are tips that can help you with the acquisition of a display coffee table:

Choose the type of wood and the stain that complements the décor you’re putting on display.

Choose also they type of wood, design, and shape that goes well with your existing furniture otherwise that table will just stand out like a sore thumb.

For display tables that have a housing covered by glass, the type of felt interior that you should choose must also complement with the item you want to showcase. Available colors are: black, navy, white, purple, brown, green, red, and gray.

Choose also the type of design that is the safest for your collectible. For instance, if you’re collection are civil war hand guns, themed figurines, small action figures, and all other small collectible items, the best display tables are those that have enclosures with locks that only you can open.

If you care for more functionality, there are display cocktail tables that have drawers too which you can use to store other stuff that are commonly found in the living room such as magazines, remote controls, coasters, and other stuff to keep yourself from turning over every chair cushion to look for those things.

It’s important too that you measure the amount of space that is available in the room where you’re placing the table or you’ll risk having one that is either too big or a too small.

The table too should be of the same height as the surrounding seats with a length that proportional to the sofa.

The task of finding the right display coffee table for your home need not be hard if you use the help we have provided for you here.




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