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Copper Coffee Table

Here you will find information on the copper coffee table including tips on how to care for a coffee table with a copper top.

If you’re looking for a coffee table to liven up that living room scene why don’t you try your hand with a copper coffee table?

Since man began to use copper, he has since discovered that there are lots of uses for this type of metal, from pots, pans, vases, sconces, furniture such as the copper coffee table and so much more.

A copper coffee table is an elegant piece of furniture that complements well with any style or theme of your living room. This type of table is also versatile because you can mix and match it with other types of décor and other pieces of furniture.

Aside from that, another factor that makes this type of material versatile is that it can be mixed with other materials as well which makes a truly unique coffee table that’s going to make any living room more intriguing.

The most common material that is used with copper tables is wood, and the second is glass but there are many products being sold with tabletops made from copper that have wrought iron legs having simple to more intricate designs.

Most copper tabletops are hammered sitting on top of metal legs with designs are those that are crafted by hand which make for classic furniture that lasts a long time. Leg designs will vary from simple curves to the more intricate legs that feature branching, twisted, vine leaves, and so much more.

When you buy this type of coffee table furniture, go for those that match the style of your home to avoid making this table an eyesore. For instance for a home that has a traditional look, choose a copper coffee table that has traditional style or to be safe, you can choose a table that has a neutral design such that it will be able to fit in any type of style a home has.

Another must when buying tables made from this mineral is to pay for one that has the right measurements.

You don’t want one that is too small or you don’t want to constantly bump into the table as you’re moving around the house.

Also you should buy one that is as high as the sofa but never longer than it, to be safe buy one that is half the sofa size.

Once you already have the perfect copper cocktail table on your living room or any room for that matter, you will also need to take good care of it.


Here are the proper steps in caring for the copper coffee table

  • A table made from copper should be lacquered regularly to prevent corrosion and tarnishing. If the lacquer finish has been damaged, take steps to immediately do something about the problem.
    Cleaning makes for a brighter finish while polishing makes for a soft finish.
  • For new tables, just dust the surface with a clean cloth because they already have lacquer protection.
  • Don’t let spillage stay on the surface, wipe it immediately with cloth to prevent discoloration.
  • When there are dark spots or greening you can use lemon extract mixed with table salt. Rub this on the surface and voila see the spots disappear right before your eyes.

Properly cleaning your copper coffee table will allow it to last long so that it will stay interesting as the years go by. Thus allowing you to form more wonderful memories around this essential piece of furniture for the home.




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