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Cherry Coffee Table

Helpful information about the cherry coffee table  is what you will find here.

As well, you will learn how to care for and protect your cherry coffee table.

The cherry coffee table is one that when used strategically in the home can add interest and appeal to what might be a drab room.

Cherry wood is a strong high quality wood that has a beautiful red tinge used in furniture which is a characteristic that has made the cherry coffee table an endearing piece of living room furniture.

There two basic styles that are available when it comes to cherry furniture, modern and traditional.

Whichever type you choose it will be a great choice because this table layer darkens over time, which makes the grain pattern visible adding warmth to the wood as well as visual appeal. You see lots of antique cherry wood furniture as accents in many 5-star hotels around the world.

Having a cherry coffee table will be a great investment on your part not only due of the characteristic described above but also because it’s a hardwood you can be sure that the table you have will be resistant to damages such as minor scratches and dents. A table made from cherry is safer around children because it’s not easy to knock it down even as children climb or bump against the table.

Another reason why this table will give you value for money is you can hand this down to your children and their children and they’d still get a table that grows more beautiful and elegant over the years. They can even end up selling the table as an antique coffee table and still get a hefty price because when you look at antique cherry tables from fifty to a hundred years ago or even longer the quality of the wood has never faded even for just a little bit.

If you own a cherry wood table one of the problems that you will no doubt notice is that if you’re not careful enough, your cherry wood coffee table can lose its wonderful finish when it’s constantly exposed to water marks when you settle beverages on it without using coasters or when you constantly spill your drinks on it.

Care Tips for the Cherry Coffee Table

If your table has such marks, here are simple and easy steps that you can do to keep those stains off that wonderful table.

  • Rub a scoop of mayonnaise onto the affected area using a soft cloth or a chamois cloth.
  • Leave the mayonnaise on this area overnight and then wipe it away in the morning.

Never use aerosol furniture cleaners because they contain chemicals that coyuld damage the cherry wood.

Wax cherry furniture every two months with high quality paste wax. Use a small amount on a soft cloth; apply it in a circular motion then buff with another clean soft cloth.

Avoid scratching the furniture by all means and don’t forget to use coasters whenever you settle drinks on your table to avoid water rings.

Scratches occur when you slide your dishes on the table surface.  So if you’re going to use your cherry table to display figurines, glue a piece of felt on the bottom of the figurines surface to avoid scratches on the wood.

Lastly, never place vases full of flowers and water on your table to avoid water spillage. In case of water spillage, clean the surface immediately with a soft cloth.

A cherry coffee table will be a great addition to your home because it’s going to fit any setting your house has, be it formal or casual. When you buy one this type of coffee table furniture will transform the room where it will be used and enjoyed.




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