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Acrylic Coffee Table

An acrylic coffee table is a stylishly modern and durable coffee table that will add zing to the room you’re putting the table in.

Furniture designed like the acrylic coffee table comes in many styles, shapes, sizes, designs, and even color.

Here you will find helpful information on designs, styles and care tips for the arrylic coffee table. 

This is one table that you should be looking for when you want to make your size-challenged living room give the impression that it’s wider and bigger than it really.

Plus it’s stylish modernism will make this area of your home or the coffee table itself an effective conversation starter in those times you’re entertaining guests.

Yes, it’s an interesting product to have in your home but what is acrylic in the first place that it should have this sort of appeal? Acrylic is a clear plastic that looks like glass but is stronger than glass and even clearer than glass.

If truth be told this material is impact resistant than pure glass which is safer for young and mature coffee table users also this wonderful coffee table furniture material is eight time clearer than glass, a wonderful characteristic that allows you to showoff that wonderful flooring design.

Historically this material was first introduced to the public in the early 30s and since then we see them in many products such as bath and shower doors, windows, and skylights; they are also used in the fashion world as shoe heels and in some clothes. They can also be found in the living room as accent pieces, chairs, and that highly important acrylic coffee table.

Many furniture pieces available that are made in acrylic are of the clear, see through type but many furniture buyers don’t know these cocktail tables made from acrylic also come in many colors that can compliment any room design you have because this product can be tinted to every imaginable color on the planet. Just remember that when you buy colored cocktail tables, think of color harmony with the rest of the furniture, décor, and the room’s design theme.

Though these tables are safer, stronger, and lasts longer than say, the glass coffee table, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve proper care.

The problem actually with this type of material in cocktail tables is that cheaply manufactured acrylic scratch easily, the second problem is that using harsh cleaning chemicals and scrubbers can actually slowly damage even a high quality acrylic table.

Hence here are the proper steps that you must do to make this type of table last long.

First prepare the following: water, a soft or chamois cloth and a mild cleaner because they’re non-abrasive therefore gentle to acrylic furniture surfaces. You should avoid cleaners that contain ammonia because they will make the acrylic surface cloudy.

Other chemicals to avoid are: ketones, window cleaners, and halogens. Many homeowners are fond of using common household ingredients such as vinegar to clean furniture, which may be effective to some, but not to an acrylic furniture.

Assess the amount of dirt that you're cleaning off. If it’s just a small amount then just using a damp chamois cloth will do the trick but if there is so much dirt to clean up, use the mild non abrasive cleaner mixed in with the water.

It’s important that you should wipe the surface of the acrylic coffee table gently to avoid more scratches from developing.

To remove scratches, you can apply a small amount of car wax and buff the furniture surface until the scratches disappear.

Purchasing an acrylic coffee table not only gives your room the impression of width but gives you value for money due to its strength and durability. Plus this table can be used for many things other than a coffee table such as footrest, and of course to show of that Oriental rug you picked up in one of your travels.




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