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Welcome to Coffee Table Furniture.

You will find information here on suppliers with great prices for coffee table furniture featuring all the latest designs.

We will also cover helpful tips on how to buy the perfect coffee table.

There is much to consider in purchasing a modern coffee table and you will learn it all here.

Additionally, you will learn the various types of these tables that are available and materials they are made of.


Coffee table furniture though simple in its appearance is not your ordinary furniture. While many furniture types are made for functional purposes, like storage, watching television, or working, the coffee table should not be overlooked for the importance it plays.

This type of furniture is often the center piece where meaningful conversations happen. Whether dining, having coffee, playing a puzzle game, or just spending a lazy afternoon with family or a group of friends it’s always coffee table furniture that nurtures intimacy in relationships.

The wonderful and fascinating thing about this type of table is that it can be often taken for granted and even ignored. But that should not be the case.

You can observe these small tables in restaurants, coffee shops, and homes, in a variety of very attractive designs, shapes, sizes, colors, material, and height. This table often inspires many furniture designers to use both traditional and nontraditional materials.

Type of Coffee Table Furniture

There are many types of coffee tables in the market today and they can be classified according to shape, material, or according to design.

According to Shape

Interestingly this type of table no mater what the material it’s made from will have traditional shapes, square, round though there are also rectangular and very popular is the oval coffee table.

According to Material

Coffee Tables of this type are: glass, marble, metal, stone, and wood. With glass, some tables of this type will just have glass tops or will be made entirely of glass for a more artistic appeal. Metal tables especially those that are made of iron or brass are sturdy and evoke feelings of the middle ages. Mirror coffee tables are very popular and offer a very modern look.

Stone coffee tables on the other hand can be made of granite, marble, or slate. Lastly, for wood, furniture makers will either use birch, pine, oak, or walnut with either mahogany, cherry, or a maple veneer to give it a more traditional look.

According to Design

There is the lift top coffee table which has a mechanism allowing the user to raise the table’s top from a low height into the dining table height. It is also called a utilitarian table or a storage coffee table because of its other functionality in which you can also store things such magazines and other reading material, keys, the TV remote, and other small stuff you’d like put within reach in its drawers.

There are even coffee table designs that feature a game board on the top or have a complete game, like foosball, enclosed beneath a functional glass surface.

How to Buy Coffee Table Furniture

If you’re in the market for such tables you might run into confusion not only because of the types mentioned above but also because of the many companies that offer beautiful and truly artistic pieces of furniture. There can simply be too many choices. As such, in choosing the right coffee table there are certain criteria that you should consider that will help in making a good decision. Consider the following a guide that will help you with this task.

1. Since you’re already aware of the types of material that are used to make such coffee table furniture, check out the location where you’ll be placing the table. You want to make sure it will fit the overall interior design of the area. The table should blend with the rest of the furniture or accentuate the intended room. You do not want it to scream “I’m a coffee table”.

2. Of course the size of the table you’re looking at buying will depend on the available space you have. You can also opt to buy small tables that have extra storage built into it and there are also coffee tables that “nest in” in which the purpose other than as furniture is to save on space. There are tables that are designed as an ottoman which you can pull out that you can use as a leg lift.

3. Of course you should always consider your budget too as the prices of coffee table furniture will depend upon the make and material, the quality, extra features, functionality, and of course the craftsmanship.

Here is an important note regarding glass coffee tables: If you live with kids or an elderly who has a problem with depth perception or mobility, you may want to forego buying a glass coffee table because they may present risks of breakage. It’s better safe than sorry if you’re living with these types of individuals.




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